Our accomplishments in 2021

We made great progress on the annual goals that members selected for 2021. For details, please read below or watch this video. To see what's on tap in 2022, click here.

  1. We surveyed the community, solicited the support of elected officials, and worked with the President and Board of Trustees of Northeastern Illinois University to advance a vision for the University's Bryn Mawr properties. For details, see here.

  2. Preliminary discussions about bringing a Love Fridge to the neighborhood revealed that there is a need, but more work needs to be done to secure a location. Possible community partners in this effort include the Church of Christ Presbyterian, North Park Covenant Church, Swedish Hospital, and Alderman Nugent's office.

  3. We completed our annual neighborhood cleanups, including adding some new plants on Foster and a collaboration with Peterson School along Bryn Mawr.

  4. In an effort to advance cross-cultural understanding, we launched the People of North Park to celebrate members of our community. There's more to do, so let us know how you'd like to be involved!

  5. We revived the North Park Community Market. Over 300 visitors came to each market date, and dozens of vendors participated. There are plans to expand the market next year, and we are looking for more community volunteers to help out!