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Inclusive Community
Central to the HNPCA's mission is making
our community inclusive and safe for everyone.

A Warmer Welcome

Over 700 people are living in shelters in our neighborhood. After a treacherous journey all the way from South America --- much of it on foot, with babies, young children, and unimaginable courage --- these families are legally seeking asylum and a new start here in the United States. While life at the shelters promises to be better than the floor of a police station or the perils of winter exposure, the need for assistance is great. Our neighborhood has already risen to the challenge in dramatic fashion; please join us as we continue to meet the needs of this community.

We are committed to supporting the dignity, safety, and health of the families who reside at the shelters.

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Items purchased from the Wish Lists should be shipped to the gift registry address. This will ensure shipment to the Alderperson's Office; their staff will then take directly to shelter families.

In collaboration with Alderperson Samantha Nugent, State Senator Ram Villivalam, neighborhood volunteers, and community organizations, we are currently coordinating a variety of efforts:

  • distributing donated clothing (25 car loads so far) to shelter residents,

  • collecting and distributing blankets (806!), and

  • filling very specific needs of shelter residents quickly and efficiently through an Amazon Wish List, a Target Wish List, and your donations. Items purchased from a Wish List are shipped to the Alderperson's office and then taken to families.

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Please make your contribution today!
In 2020, we launched a series of community conversations to address race, policing, and safety. In 2021, we created a multimedia project called "People of North Park" designed to celebrate the diverse people and stories in our neighborhood.
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