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A multimedia exploration of the people and stories that make up our diverse neighborhood.
Una exploración multimedia de las personas y los cuentos que componen nuestro barrio diverso.

.ترعى جمعية هوليوود نورث بارك كوميونيتي استكشاف الوسائط المتعددة للأشخاص وقصصهم في منطقتنا المتنوعة

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Click on a picture to meet one of these educators in our neighborhood! Together, they represent educators at all four of the public schools in our neighborhood: Northside College Prep, Northside Learning Center, Peterson Elementary School, and Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center.

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Click on a picture to meet one of your neighbors!

To participate,
click here!
Would you like to volunteer as an interviewer or photographer? Do you know a person in the neighborhood who you think should be among the "People of North Park"? Please let us know!

EVERYONE! We hope to include people of all ages, backgrounds, and parts of our neighborhood.

To nominate yourself or a neighbor to be included, please let us know here.


A few photos in the neighborhood and a brief interview. Questions may include:

• What makes you -- or would make you -- feel a sense of belonging in the community?

• Do you believe North Park is a diverse and inclusive community?


We will meet with you at a place of your choosing in the neighborhood, conduct a brief interview, and take a few pictures. We could meet on the sidewalk near where you live or work, in a park, or just walking down the street.