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Rezoning Proposal at
3352-58 W. Foster
At our September 2022 meeting, Alderman Samantha Nugent announced that she would not be supporting this zoning change. The property owner has since revised his proposal, which he described at our December 2022 meeting. A more thorough conversation is expected in early 2023.
Proposed Vision 3352-58 W. Foster December 2022.png
The HNPCA sent this letter to
Alderman Nugent on July 28, 2022.
If the video above does not play, please click here.
Rendering 3252.58 W. Foster.jpg

The owner of the properties at 3352 - 3258 W. Foster (the northeast corner of Kimball and Foster) intends to build a new structure at that location with commercial space on the first floor and rental apartments on three-and-a-half stories above. He is seeking a zoning change from B1-2 to B3-3 as well as "TOD" status (Transit Oriented Development). The Hollywood-North Park Community Association has convened two public conversations about this proposal, which will ultimately be decided by the City Council's zoning committee.

  • Minutes and video from our Quarterly Meeting on May 25 (relevant segment begins at 27:00)

  • Minutes, video, and slides from the Community Meeting on June 15, 2022.

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