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A group of volunteers is making detailed plans for a Love Fridge in our community. Please reach out by clicking the link to the right --->.

For more information about Love Fridge Chicago, click here.

What is it?

The Love Fridge is a Chicago-based initiative inspired by the belief that feeding oneself is not a privilege, but a right. Volunteers come from all over Chicago, working within their own neighborhoods to collaborate with like-minded partners to place community refrigerators across the city. These refrigerators, painted by local artists to reflect the communities in which they live, provide neighbors the opportunity to donate food as well as take what they need, ensuring accessible food 24/7.

Does our community need this?

Yes. Members of the HNPCA have consulted with local food pantries, including The Friendship Center and Swedish Hospital’s Food Connections Program. We have a food insecurity issue in our community.


Is there support for this?

Yes. The HNPCA is committed to making this happen. Alderman Nugent, The Friendship Center, North Park Covenant Church, and 39th Ward Neighbors United have all offered support.

What still needs to happen?

  • Identify a location that is accessible, safe, and visible.

  • Solicit donations of building materials and a refrigerator.

  • Recruit neighborhood residents with skills in carpentry and art to help build and beautify our neighborhood’s Love Fridge.

  • Raise money to purchase additional materials.

  • Recruit volunteers to coordinate food donations, site maintenance, and overall coordination.

If you believe, as we do, that access to food is a right, not a privilege, than this project is for you.

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