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Rezoning Proposal at
3218-3222 W. Bryn Mawr

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The owners of Saigon Phở have already expanded their dining area into the storefront just to the east of their original space on the north side of Bryn Mawr. Beginning in May 2023, they informed the community that they are seeking a zoning change so that they can obtain a public amusement license that would allow them to host karaoke. A preliminary presentation was made at the May 2023 Quarterly Membership Meeting, and the Association hosted a virtual meeting exclusively about this zoning issue on June 1, 2023. That recording can be viewed here.

On July 19, Saigon Phở formally submitte
d to the City Council a request to re-zone their property from a B1-2 to a B3-2 designation. The Association surveyed our members and expressed our subsequent support in this letter.
Saigon Pho Zoning Request.jpg
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