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Our accomplishments in 2023

We made progress on the goals that members selected for 2023, and helped neighbors organize to respond to new issues as they arose.

1. Work with local businesses, volunteers, and the Alderman’s office to revitalize Bryn Mawr.

We engaged local businesses, institutions, and volunteers to host the first street festival in our neighborhood in 10 years --- the Bryn Mawr Block Party! Approximately 2,000 people attended the day-long event, and two new restaurants have opened since then.

2. Improve the environmental sustainability of our community and beyond by sponsoring environmental education events and pro-environment initiatives via the Green Team.

Members distributed hundreds of native plants at the North Park Community Market, provided composting services at the Bryn Mawr Block Party, educated the community about enhanced home composting and drop-off recycling options,  and tended a native plant bed at the corner of Foster and Christiana. 

3. Sponsor neighborhood clean-up/improvement events on Bryn Mawr and Foster.

We hosted our annual clean-up events on both Foster and Bryn Mawr.

4. Work with the Chicago Police Department and the Police District Council to shape a vision of community policing that meets the needs of our diverse community.

Despite initial conversations, we did not make progress on this goal in 2023.

5. Support community food access initiatives such as the North Park Community Market and the Love Fridge.

The North Park Community Market hosted 8 market days and expanded its provision of SNAP benefits. After having two potential locations for a community Love Fridge fall through, we are very close to securing a location for this 24/7, free, refrigerated food pantry.

  • We facilitated extensive direct support for migrant families living in shelter in North Park.

  • In consultation with Alderperson Samantha Nugent and State Senator Ram Villivalam, we convened a stakeholders group of community institutions and elected officials to coordinate support for migrant families and address policy issues and resource gaps.

  • We hosted a candidate forum for the 39th Ward Aldermanic race in January.

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