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We used to live in the West Andersonville, Bowmanville area, but the price range was way too high for us, so we started off looking around. So I was driving around and I found myself on one of these streets [in North Park] and it was so beautiful. Once we started looking at these houses around here, we kind of got glued to it!

We had heard a lot of good stories about Peterson Elementary, and it was one of our schools that we wanted our daughter to go to. We wanted to be in a neighborhood where we could actually grow as a family. I used to interpret for Peterson Elementary School with my old organization. I used to go there to assist them with refugee students and their parents from eastern, southern, and central Africa. I would interpret for the parents.

I am from Southern Africa [Zambia]. I grew up on farmland on the outskirts of a city. We had cows and goats, we used to sell chickens to the hotels; it was a commercial farm. At the same time, my father owned a safari company so we were connected to the tourism industry. That was my easy point of getting access to different kinds of cultures. I was exposed to tourists coming in, visiting our country.

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Alex Mukanda was interviewed by a neighbor in September of 2021.

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