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People really care about other people in this neighborhood. I grew up in Albany Park so I didn’t go very far; over the years I’ve seen the level of care people have for one another. On our block, we organized a meal train last year for our neighbors who are first responders. Residents volunteered so quickly that every meal was accounted for in less than an hour!  Each winter three neighbors clear both sides of our block with their snowblowers when it snows. That’s what makes it special here. We probably have one of the most diverse zip codes in the city. We have people from different cultures, countries, and languages which means there is a broad range of cuisines available. When you walk off our block, you can go just a stone’s throw and enjoy so many different restaurants. I think that’s really reflective of the diversity here.

In 15 or 20 years, I think I’ll be right here growing old. I was born at Swedish Covenant Hospital and still patronize the Albany Park Library (where I learned to read!). Even the people who move away still keep in touch. The previous owners of my house stopped by recently and they moved in 2004!

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