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One of my friends, her name is Mia, she lives right here, she’s in my classroom, and we got to share a little candy together. Peterson is really fun and has lots of different kinds of people. I like to be including people and when we can all become friends. We are all different. Their skin colors are different; one kind of has my skin color, her name is Alia, and another one is Alayah. How we [make people feel included] is we play together. We like to play with our old friends and we like to make new friends. We say hello to them and we play together. 


[I would not like to go to a school or live in a neighborhood where everyone is the same] because it would not be as interesting. 

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I’m 6 ½. My eyes are brown. My hair is black. And my favorite kind of animal is a dog. Only really my cousin’s dog, Molly. Sometimes I get scared of big dogs that I don’t know. I have two sisters, one is 3 and one is 1 ½. I have a mom and a dad. One has peach skin and one has dark skin. One coaches tennis [in our neighborhood] and the other is a teacher for high school [in our neighborhood]. 

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Cece Mabra was interviewed by a neighbor in September of 2021.

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